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SEPTA Bus Crash Injures 11 in Olney

Early Monday morning, a collision between a SEPTA bus and a car left eleven injured, according to reports from CBS Philadelphia.

According to the reports, eleven people were sent to the hospital with injuries. The accident occurred at the intersection of 2nd street and Olney Avenue.

Witnesses say that the accident happened when a woman driving a white sedan crashed into the bus. She was apparently driving at a high speed and drove through a red light, early witness accounts say.

One of the injured was the bus driver, who hit his head. Nine people were on the bus when it hit several parked cars after colliding with the sedan.

Some witnesses say that the car was coming down the street at a speed of sixty miles per hour or greater. The current speed limits on the street are not clear but assuming that the woman was driving in excess of the speed limit, she could be liable under the negligence per se theory, which implies that she was violating a law related to the prevention of that type of injury when the accident occurred.

The very fact that she may have driven through a red light would lead to this negligence theory.

There are no reported life threatening injuries. So, in such a case, we're not looking at any wrongful death lawsuits. We're also not looking at any major lawsuits against SEPTA. At least current witness accounts show no fault of the SEPTA driver.

The driver of the sedan appeared to be injured. She may be the one who faces a slew of injury claims once the details of the accident crystallize. The accident is currently being investigated by Philadelphia's Accident Investigation Division, reports CBS.

For the driver of the white sedan, it may be wise for her to lawyer up sooner rather than later!

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