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Ex-CBS3 Anchor Alycia Lane's Defamation Lawsuit Thrown Out

Last week, a Philadelphia judge ruled against former CBS3 news anchor Alycia Lane in her defamation lawsuit against her former employer, CBS.

The lawsuit alleged that Lane's one-time co-anchor hacked into her email account and leaked private information. The former colleague is identified as Larry Mendte, who claims to have had an affair with Lane.

Lane was fired from the CBS affiliate after she was arrested in New York City following an altercation with a New York City police officer, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Despite the court throwing out Lane's lawsuit against CBS and Mendte, the latter did admit to hacking into Lane's email account in 2008. He was subsequently fired and placed under six months of house arrest, writes the UK's Daily Mail.

The lawsuit alleged that CBS was negligent for failing to prevent Mendte from hacking into her account. Lane also alleged defamation, as messages and photos from her email account were spread to other news outlets.

But the judge dismissed Lane's lawsuit, claiming that her testimony regarding a laptop computer was not credible. She claimed to have deleted the emails in 2007. Evidence from the Apple Store, however, indicated that she cleared her hard drive in 2008, after filing suit, reports the Daily Mail.

This indicated to officers that Lane may have been hiding evidence.

The entire debacle arose from the alleged affair, which Lane denies. Mendte, a married man, claims that Lane threw herself at him and started the affair.

Mendte admitted and pleaded guilty to the hacking. His hacking included sending emails regarding not only their relationship but also her relationship with another news reporter, as well as details on her arrest in New York.

Lane is now working in Los Angeles.

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