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10 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is a major problem. As a result, you will need to know some tips on how to prevent identity theft and how to minimize what an identity thief can take.

In general, identity theft is a crime that can occur either in the physical world or online. Scammers and thieves will dig through your personal information whether over the telephone, through email, or even through your garbage. Once they get their hands on sensitive information like Social Security numbers and bank account information, they can wreak havoc on your life.

So how can you prevent identity theft? Here are some tips from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office:

Tips to Prevent Elder Abuse in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has one of the largest populations of citizens over 65. Given the larger population, elderly in the state may be especially vulnerable to elder abuse.

Elder abuse can mean much more than nursing home abuse or other caretakers physically abusing the elderly. Instead, it can also include telemarketing frauds, con artists, and thieves taking advantage of the elderly.

Some types of fraud that are commonly perpetuated against the elderly include home improvement fraud, financial exploitation, and telemarketing and sweepstakes scams, reports the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office.

Watch Out for Gym and Health Club Memberships

Many of you may be entering gym contracts to fulfill your fitness resolutions for the new year. But before you sign that gym contract, it's important that you understand your rights.

In Pennsylvania, consumers have specific rights and protections under the Pennsylvania Health Club Act. This act requires gyms and health clubs to register with the Attorney General's office if they sell long-term contracts of three months or longer.

The Act also provides financial protection for consumers if clubs suddenly close, and spells out consumers' rights to cancel contracts or receive refunds for certain events like relocation, injury, and other special circumstances, according to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office.

Academy Commuter Bus Crashes in New Jersey, 2 Critically Injured

One day after a commuter ferry crashed in Manhattan, another Wall Street-bound commuter vehicle crashed and left its passengers injured in New Jersey.

A commuter bus crashed into a mini school bus Thursday morning, injuring 17 people and leaving two critically hurt, reports The New York Daily News.

The school bus was carrying no passengers at the time of the collision. It was on its way to pick up kids at a nearby apartment complex when it was hit by the Academy Bus.

Manhattan-Jersey Ferry Crashes, Leaving 2 Critically Injured

A New Jersey ferry crashed into a Manhattan pier on Wednesday, leaving at least 57 people injured, with two people critically hurt, reports New York's WABC-TV.

The victims in critical condition are reported to have head injuries. In addition to the two critically injured, there are nine others who are seriously hurt.

Those on the ferry describe the scene as chaos. One minute, they heard a thud. The next, passengers went flying, some through glass.

Pa. Man Who Posed as Adam Lanza's Uncle Has Filed 4,000 Lawsuits

A West Chester man is finding himself in some hot water after showing up in Newton, Connecticut, identifying himself as "Adam Lanza's uncle."

Jonathan Lee Riches is no stranger to lawsuits or to court. The man has filed a record number of lawsuits, estimated at more than 4,000, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Riches is now in police custody, as he was found to be in violation of his parole terms when he ventured out to Newtown.