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How Pennsylvania's Lemon Law Protects You

Pennsylvania's Lemon Law is designed to protect consumers from unsafe and defective new cars.

You've heard the horror stories before. Someone spends tens of thousands of dollars to buy a new car. But the car spends more time getting repaired than it does on the road. Additionally, the consumer ends up spending roughly the purchase price of the car to get it back in working order.

Fortunately, for consumers in Pennsylvania, the Automobile Lemon Law may protect your rights.

What Does the Lemon Law Cover?

Generally, the state lemon law covers problems that occur during the first 12 months or 12,000 miles of ownership. The problem must substantially impair the value of the vehicle, or impair the use or safety of the vehicle.

Each time you take your vehicle to the dealer for service or repair, the dealer will provide you with an invoice of the repair. If you bring in your car for a second time, the dealer must notify the manufacturer that your vehicle has been brought in again for the same problem. If the first problem occurred within the first 12 months or 12,000 miles of ownership, you are covered for any subsequent problems occurring after that point.

How to Recover Under the Lemon Law

The vehicle manufacturer has three attempts to repair the vehicle. If the repairs are unsuccessful, you may demand a refund or replacement vehicle.

In the alternative, if your car is at the dealership for repairs for a cumulative total of 30 days or more during the first 12 months or 12,000 miles, you may also demand a refund or replacement.

What the Lemon Law Doesn't Cover

If you make modifications or alterations to your vehicle and this causes the problems, you lose your lemon law rights. Also, keep in mind, that if your abuse or neglect of the vehicle causes the problem, you will lose your rights.

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