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Rights You Should Know as a Nursing Home Resident

A nursing home resident has many rights to protect herself from potential abuse and neglect.

You will hear plenty of horror stories regarding nursing homes. However, you should know that most nursing homes are safe and abide by these nursing home resident rights.

Some of the rights that a Philadelphia nursing home resident should know, as provided by Medicare, include:

  1. You must be treated with respect and dignity. You do not give up your basic rights to respect and dignity as a person simply because you check into a nursing home. Not only are nursing home staff prohibited from engaging in physical and mental abuse, but they are also required to treat you with basic dignity.

  2. You can direct your medical treatment. You (or someone with power of attorney over healthcare) can continue to make decisions over your medical care. Your nursing home does not have the right to tell you to take a certain medication or undergo a specific form of treatment. Instead, you can choose your medical care.

  3. You should know which services cost extra. Not all services provided at a nursing home are included with your basic fees. Some charges are additional (and very costly), and you should know in advance whether you will be charged for it.

  4. You control your finances. Just as with your medical treatment, you (or whoever has power of attorney over financial matters) retain the ability to control your finances. A nursing home cannot direct how you spend your money.

  5. You retain privacy rights. A nursing home is not a jail, and you retain privacy over your person, communications, and medical care. You should expect a certain amount of privacy in your own room and over your belongings. In addition, nursing home staff must exercise certain precautions regarding the confidentiality of your medical information.

If you have any questions regarding your rights, you may want to contact a nursing abuse attorney near you.

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