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Legal Tips for Your Summer Fitness Plan

With summer approaching us with its warm embrace, it's tough to resist the urge to get fit. Suddenly, you'll find yourself juicing for breakfast, craving salads for lunch, and hitting the gym for dinner.

Here are some legal tips to help you pursue fitness safely this summer:

  • Check your health insurance coverage -- and wash your hands. When pools and showers go unwashed, and cardio machines and weights are skipped during a wipe down, the problem festers, creating a greater risk of injury. However, because of a release of liability, you can't sue the gym for injuries caused by their simple negligence in killing bacteria. The only exception is if they were grossly negligent at maintaining sanitary conditions.
  • Check your gym contract. Gym membership contracts can be tricky. Many gym contracts include legal fine print covering things like waivers of liability. Make sure to read the contract carefully because if you do sustain an injury inside the gym, you might find yourself footing the medical bill if you signed away the gym's liability.
  • Look for qualified instructors. When you try new fitness activities -- like pole dancing -- supervision and detailed instruction are key. Sometimes it's not the actual class that's dangerous, but improper supervision during the class.
  • Use the right tools and equipment. The physical act of working out can be risky enough -- when you add an out-of-date machine or product to the mix, disaster could very well strike. Make sure to use gyms with machines that comply with state and federal law. That goes for yoga and dance studios and pilates machines, too.
  • Use your common sense. Summer is often the time we throw caution to the wind and seek risk. If the little rational winter voice in your head is telling you to wear a helmet when you go mountain biking, listen to it. If you think your common sense will melt away this summer...
  • Consult a lawyer. An experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer would be "thrilled" to speak to you about ways to protect yourself this summer as you follow your new passion in the never-ending quest for fitness.

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