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How to Sue the Philly Police Dept.

A Temple University photojournalism student and girlfriend are suing two Philadelphia police officers. He claims the two cops falsely arrested them in 2012 when he was a photographing a neighbor's arrest, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

When a person is wrongfully arrested or injured by a law enforcement officer -- including false arrest, police brutality, or another form of police misconduct -- he or she may have legal remedies available.

But how do you sue the Philadelphia Police Department?

Following Trucks Too Closely Is Dangerous, Illegal

While tailgating a slow moving tractor trailer may make you feel like you're getting to your destination faster, there are several dangerous and legal ramifications for following trucks too closely.

Besides getting a traffic ticket, following too closely could leave you with a smashed vehicle or serious injuries.

So how can you avoid a truck accident from tailgating?