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Defamation (Libel / Slander) in Philadelphia

Defamation, Libel and Slander are closely knit legal notions that involve personal injury to one's reputation or good name. Slander and libel are forms of defamation. Although the elements of both forms of defamation are almost identical to one an other, the key difference with the two is the fact that libel refers to defamation that can be seen (i.e. defamation which is published) whereas slander consists of defamatory communications which are made orally (i.e. which are spoken).

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Recently in Defamation (Libel / Slander) Category

Ex-CBS3 Anchor Alycia Lane's Defamation Lawsuit Thrown Out

Last week, a Philadelphia judge ruled against former CBS3 news anchor Alycia Lane in her defamation lawsuit against her former employer, CBS.

The lawsuit alleged that Lane's one-time co-anchor hacked into her email account and leaked private information. The former colleague is identified as Larry Mendte, who claims to have had an affair with Lane.

Lane was fired from the CBS affiliate after she was arrested in New York City following an altercation with a New York City police officer, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Phillies, GM Ruben Amaro Sued for Defamation by Ali Modami

The Phillies and General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. are being sued by the team's former batting practice pitcher Ali Modami, reports SB Nation.

This lawsuit came about earlier this week, as Modami claimed the Phillies manager had defamed him and ruined his job prospects.

Modami's connection to the Phillies dates back to 2007. Amaro let him go in 2011, when he made changes to the team's hitting program, according to SB Nation.

Breakdown of Mike McQueary's Defamation Suit Against Penn State

The drama continues in the Jerry Sandusky scandal. After the ex-Penn State football coach was convicted of child molestation, the school is now facing another lawsuit.

This lawsuit comes from Mike McQueary, the graduate assistant who testified that he caught Sandusky abusing a boy in a Penn State locker room shower. McQueary is suing Penn State for defamation, saying that he was treated not as a whistleblower, but rather as a scapegoat, reports The Washington Post.

What is defamation?

Fired Lansdale Coach Charged in Sex Abuse Hoax; Defamation Liability?

What do you do after you've been fired from a job where you worked hard and felt that it was not recognized? You usually get drinks with friends, complain about the employer, apply for unemployment, and start looking for a new job.

Reportedly, that is not what Tim Udinski, the fired Lansdale coach, did once he was dismissed from his position as the Lansdale Catholic High School's lacrosse coach for a one year. Instead, Udinski wanted to use the recent Sandusky and priest trials as fodder to smear the football coach, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

While Udinski faces criminal charges, he could be hit with a civil lawsuit by football coach Jim Alego for defamation.

Slander Most Foul: John Connelly Jr. Accused at Black-Tie Dinner

In December 2011, John Connelly Jr. was allegedly the victim of slander when another guest at the elegant black-tie dinner they were both attending accused him of poisoning his wife to death, according to Courthouse News Service. The guest, Scott W. Ryan, in the middle of the dinner declared in a loud voice that he had personal knowledge that Connelly murdered his wife by poisoning her, reports Courthouse News.

This is an amazing example of a defamation suit that actually has merit. Usually when someone cries "slander!" or "libel!" it is because they don't want the truth of their wrongdoing to be brought out into the light, or it is just a case of name-calling. However, as you'll see, defamation requires more than just an insult.

Rush Limbaugh is no stranger to controversy. For local residents, we best remember Limbaugh for saying that former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb received so many accolades partly because he was black -- leading to his ouster from ESPN.

Now Limbaugh has stuck his foot in his mouth again as he called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute” for backing a plan that would require employers and insurers to provide free contraceptives, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

Could this could lead to a Rush Limbaugh defamation lawsuit?

Jonesy Lawsuit: Fired Power 99 DJ Sued for Defamation

Tarsha Jones of Power 99's Jonesy in the Morning show called out Tracey Parson for beating up some teenage girls. As a result, Parson was soon receiving death threats and her Kiddie Kare business was quickly losing customers.

But Parson had nothing to do with a fight involving teen girls and she says that Jones never bothered to fact-check, Parson claims in her Jonsey lawsuit.

Mike McQueary Defamation? Key Witness Says Reports Not True

Mike McQueary, the graduate assistant who says that he saw Jerry Sandusky rape a boy in the Penn State showers in 2002, was roundly criticized by the media for not taking enough action to stop the abuse. However, McQueary is now basically saying that the reports are wrong, and that he did in fact stop the abuse.

Based on all the prior news reports, can we now expect a Mike McQueary defamation lawsuit against all those news outlets?

Damon Feldman Brings Defamation Charges Over On-Air Insults

C-list celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman has filed a lawsuit bringing defamation charges against John McNesby over comments McNesby made on a Fox 29 television interview.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Feldman was promoting a boxing event last year featuring "celebrities" like Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael Lohan. Feldman initially promoted the event as honoring fallen Philadelphia police officer John Pawlowski, who was killed in the line of duty in 2009.

Jenna Addis has asked a judge to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought against her by former Lower Merion High School physics teacher Robert Schanne. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Addis is claiming that her alleged defamatory statements were made in a “quasi-judicial” setting and are exempt from defamation claims.

Last December, Jenna Addis told Lower Merion school officials that as a student at the school she had a relationship with teacher Robert Schanne. Addis claimed that the relationship began during her senior year in 2003 and morphed from flirting to hugging to kissing to oral sex by the end of that year reports the Inquirer. As a result, the Lower Merion school board fired Schanne.