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Dog Bites & Animal Attacks in Philadelphia

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks are very common personal injury lawsuits and often involve grave situations consisting of severely emotional issues. When determining responsibility for the animal attack, the Pennsylvania personal injury attorney must determine who is the owner of the animal.

Pennsylvania imposes strict liability on the dog's owner. The strict liability test is a very low standard that imposes liability on the owner regardless of whether the owner was in the wrong. If you, or someone you know, has suffered as the result of an animal attack, talk to a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to discuss your potential legal actions.

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No Criminal Charges for Mother of Child Mauled at Zoo

As if witnessing a child's death wasn't bad enough for the Pittsburgh mom. Elizabeth Derkosh recently had to face a criminal investigation by a prosecutor to determine whether she would face charges related to her son's death at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Luckily for the mom, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala found no fault at the hands of the mother.

At least no criminal fault.

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl Comments on Zoo Mauling

Bringing attention back to the horrific tale of the boy who was mauled at the Pittsburgh Zoo a few weeks ago, witnesses are coming forward and saying that the zoo's response was inadequate when the mauling happened.

These witnesses recently gave some insight into the zoo mauling and what really happened as they saw it, to Pittsburgh's KDKA News.

Additionally, the Mayor of Pittsburgh has spoken out, calling for changes to the zoo, in light of the attack on the young boy, reports KDKA.

Toddler Mauled by African Painted Dogs at Pittsburgh Zoo

This weekend, many patrons of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium witnessed sheer horror as a child was mauled to death by African painted dogs.

The attack happened on Sunday morning, reports CBS Pittsburgh. The two-year old victim was visiting the zoo with his mother. The mother put the boy on the railing so that he could get a better view of the dogs. He lost balance on the railing and fell over eleven feet into the dog pen.

According to reports, he was attacked by eleven dogs. Ten of the eleven dogs were secured by zoo staff. One dog was shot at the scene.

Now, the question that authorities are asking is whether the boy died from the fall or from the attack.

Vegas Chimp Rampage: Purpose of Dangerous Animal Laws?

Dane Cook has a joke that every man’s fantasy is to have a monkey for a pet. Unfortunately, one person’s attempt to live out this fantasy with monkeys has ended in tragedy for the owner.

Just outside Las Vegas city limits, two chimpanzees escaped from their cage and rampaged around the neighborhood, running through yards and banging on cars, reported The Associated Press. One 911 call was made after the chimps jumped on a car with a woman inside. Once police arrived, one chimp even jumped on the roof of a police car, before running off.

Live Alligator Mail to Trenton Outdoes Dead Rat Mail in Boston

You may have heard about the transit officer in Boston who was working a side gig pimping and thought that a dead rat in the mail might be a good way to collect on unpaid tricks. It certainly seems like the person who put a small alligator in an express mail package was trying to do the transit officer one better, reports NBC10.

The 12-inch gator was found in a sorting bin and captured without harm to the gator or any postal workers. Postal inspectors say that it's not illegal to ship a gator that is less than 18 inches long, according to NBC10. The question remains, what was the intent of the gator-sender?

Loose Wolf-Dog in Pennypack Could Catch Owner Liability

There have been quite a few reports about the wolf-dog in Pennypack Park. At first it was thought to be a wolf, but now it seems that the wolf-dog hybrid's owner has come forward to claim the animal as his, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Kasey Lyons has told reporters that the wolf-dog had been a gift to his now ex-fiancé, the Inquirer states. Now, Lyons is out with his other dog Tony, searching for Levi the wolf-dog. Lyons was close to apprehending Levi, when a stranger accidentally scared the wolf-dog away.

Was it such a good idea for Lyons to admit ownership of Levi?

Pennsylvania Exotic Animals Law to be Strengthened?

As you’ve probably heard, an Ohio man released his 56 exotic pets shortly before he turned a gun on himself. Ohio officials were given the difficult task of hunting and killing Bengal tigers, bears, lions, and other animals.

This incident will probably increase the chances of a proposed Pennsylvania exotic animals law that would ban almost all private ownership of these animals. The proposed bill passed a House committee last spring and is awaiting action in the full chamber, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Son Blames PSPCA for Dog Attack Death

Carmen Ramos was killed by a pack of pit bulls. The dogs belonged to her husband, Jose Alvarez, and the dog pack has had a history with the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA). Now Ramos' son is blaming the PSPCA for the dog attack death.

Ramos, of North Philadelphia, was killed by five pitbulls on Tuesday. The attack happened less than two weeks after another violent incident involving the same dogs, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. On August 19, the dogs attacked two neighborhood residents, a 51-year-old woman and 25-year-old man. Police were able to subdue the dogs in that attack before things turned deadly.

A 10-year old girl was attacked by a pit bull in Philadelphia. She remains hospitalized and is in stable condition after receiving several stitches. As the girl recovers, this latest attack involving pit bulls and children brings to mind dog bite liability should the parents of the girl sue.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the dog belonged to a neighbor of the victim. The neighbor is reportedly a good family friend and surrendered the dog to authorities. It's unclear if the dog will be euthanized. And while it has been reported that no criminal charges have been filed, it is also unclear whether the girl's family will sue their neighbor for medical expenses and other damages.

Leonel Trejo Trampled to Death by Bull at Rodeo

Leonel Trejo, an experienced bull rider, was trampled to death after falling from his bull during a rodeo at New Castle, Delaware. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Trejo was thrown from his bull after riding the bull for a minute and was stomped on the chest by the bull.

The Inquirer reports that police are currently investigating the incident to determine the exact cause of Leonel Trejo's death. The police have already stated that Trejo was not wearing any protective equipment at the time of the accident.