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Negligence is the most common personal injury theory of liability. The basics of negligence are as follows: There must be a duty owed to a particular person. That duty must have been breached and the breach must have led to injury. There is a need to show that the breach proximately caused the injury. A major concept in negligence actions is the concept of foreseeability. For there to be a valid negligence action, the injury must have been foreseeable in the actions (or inaction) of the defendant and the injured party must have been within a "zone of danger".

If you feel that you may have been injured as as the result of another person's negligence, talk to a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to discuss your potential legal actions.

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How to Sue the Philly Police Dept.

A Temple University photojournalism student and girlfriend are suing two Philadelphia police officers. He claims the two cops falsely arrested them in 2012 when he was a photographing a neighbor's arrest, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

When a person is wrongfully arrested or injured by a law enforcement officer -- including false arrest, police brutality, or another form of police misconduct -- he or she may have legal remedies available.

But how do you sue the Philadelphia Police Department?

3 Polar Vortex Winter Risks to Avoid

Although it's always chilly in Philly in the winter, the Polar Vortex brings with it even more winter risks.

The Polar Vortex -- a large mass of frigid air usually found over the north pole in the winter has brought single digit temperatures and wind chills of -10 to -15 degrees to Philadelphia, reports Philadelphia's KYW-TV.

Weather this cold is dangerous and can bring serious risks. Here are three Polar Vortex risks to avoid.

How to Prevent a Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Food poisoning, or food borne illness, affects roughly 48 million people a year, about one in six Americans. It can be a potential liability for a restaurant or a food packaging company -- and a painful purchase for its customers and buyers. By inadequately handling, packaging, or even inspecting their food, businesses often find themselves paying up for making people sick. In extreme examples, a company can even face a wrongful death suit.

If your business regularly handles raw eggs, meat, poultry, or leafy greens, you should tread -- and stir -- carefully.

Legal Tips for Your Summer Fitness Plan

With summer approaching us with its warm embrace, it's tough to resist the urge to get fit. Suddenly, you'll find yourself juicing for breakfast, craving salads for lunch, and hitting the gym for dinner.

Here are some legal tips to help you pursue fitness safely this summer:

How to Negotiate a Personal Injury Settlement

You've been injured in an accident, and you're suing to recover for your damages.

As you may have realized already, the odds of your lawsuit making it all the way to trial are slim. In fact, most personal injury settlements are settled long before trial.

Since your lawsuit is likely to be resolved through settlement, you should know how to negotiate a settlement agreement. Here are some tips:

Rights You Should Know as a Nursing Home Resident

A nursing home resident has many rights to protect herself from potential abuse and neglect.

You will hear plenty of horror stories regarding nursing homes. However, you should know that most nursing homes are safe and abide by these nursing home resident rights.

Some of the rights that a Philadelphia nursing home resident should know, as provided by Medicare, include:

Tips and Regulations for Auto Repair in Pennsylvania

If you own a car in Pennsylvania, you will eventually have to bring it in for auto repairs.

Getting your car fixed or maintained may be one of the most unpleasant experiences you will go through. In most cases, you are at the mercy of the auto repairman and have to defer to his expertise about making expensive fixes.

In fact, most consumers just assume they'll be paying hundreds (if not thousands) every time they visit the shop, regardless of whether the repairs are needed. However, this should not be the case. As a result, you will want to know some regulations that cover auto repair in Pennsylvania and tips for not getting fleeced.

Home Improvement Contracts and Fraud

You should exercise caution if you are hiring a contractor to perform improvements on your home. Understanding home improvement contracts and preventing fraud is important as it can impact not only your finances, but where you live as well.

How Much Is Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Worth?

You've been injured in an accident and you are now looking to calculate the damages of a potential personal injury claim.

The first thing you should know is that there are many different types of damages. Broadly speaking, you can seek compensatory damages which cover harm that you may have suffered, as well as punitive damages which are sought to punish the person responsible for the injuries.

By reviewing the different types of damages, you can have some idea of how much your claim is worth and whether it is worth your time to pursue a lawsuit.

Tips to Avoid Buying a Flood-Damaged Vehicle

Thanks to major hurricanes like Superstorm Sandy, it's estimated that at least half a million U.S. vehicles have been damaged by floods in recent years.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous vehicle owners and dealers are making cosmetic repairs to these flood-damaged cars and selling them to customers who have no idea that they've been damaged, Pennsylvania's Attorney General warns.

Unsuspecting customers are buying these vehicles at seemingly good prices only to discover costly repairs a short time later for things like non-functioning airbags, engines, brakes, and electrical system damage.