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Slip and Fall in Philadelphia

Under the "slip and fall" theory of personal injury, owners and occupiers of property are legally responsible for accidents and injuries occurring on their property. The status of the injured matters-- how and why did the injured person even end up on the property? Were they a trespasser or were they invited to the property? Courts might also look at the condition of the property. There may also be special laws applying to landlords and lessors of property.

If you’ve been injured on the premises of another, talk to a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to discuss your potential legal remedies. Pa personal injury lawyers are skilled in slip and fall cases and can advise you as to all your legal causes of action.

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Man Hit By Subway in NYC, SEPTA Raises Rider Awareness

On Monday, many New Yorkers at Times Square had to endure the unthinkable. They had to watch a man get pushed onto the subway tracks, watching in horror as the man stared at the train that would inevitably crush him to death.

Millions of Americans use the subway system. Philadelphia's subway system is praised as one of the simplest and easiest subways in America. But that doesn't necessarily make SEPTA the safest transit system.

Not by a longshot. Nine people have died from being struck by SEPTA trains in 2012, writes Philly Magazine.

How to Prevent Bounce House Lawsuits

If you've had a party for kids, you might have rented an inflatable bounce house. Or maybe you went to one of those places that has a number of bounce houses -- along with rooms to eat your pizza and cake.

While you were choking down that Costco birthday cake, you may not have considered that interestingly, not all of these facilities or rental companies have complex liability waivers or other documents to protect themselves from the inevitable.

It seems like a great business to buy several bounce units and set up a kids' play facility, but what many don't realize is the astronomical liability that comes with dealing with children. Your children.

Black Friday: Deals and Dangers

With Black Friday approaching this week, retailers need to arm themselves for a lot more than just the crowds.

Rock bottom prices and swarms of crowds can make for chaotic situations. Remember the New York Walmart stampede in 2008 that resulted in the death of a Wal-Mart worker, Jdimytai Damour?

That sad case brought about a settlement between Walmart and the Nassau County District Attorney's office, where the retailer agreed to adopt better crowd management techniques in its New York stores.

Man Locked Inside LA Fitness Slips and Falls in the Dark

The gym is a place that many go as a place to try and work off some pounds or work out the stress. In any case it is usually somewhere that you are at least a little self-conscious, because even if you are one of the best exercisers out there, there is always someone that is a little more fit.

Unfortunately for Boris Nikolaevsky of Hatboro in Montgomery County, his visit to LA Fitness was allegedly made more humiliating when he was locked into the locker room with the lights turned out. That allegedly caused him to slip and fall in a puddle of water, as well as set off the alarm when he left the building, according to The Pennsylvania Record.

Nikolaevsky is now suing LA Fitness. Will his lawsuit be successful?

Walking Fish Theatre Sued for Uneven Steps Without a Railing

Slip and fall lawsuits are probably one of the most maligned lawsuits in popular culture. The argument is always made that if the injured person had just been paying attention that they wouldn't have been hurt. In other words, it's your own damn fault if you get hurt.

But what about when you can't tell if a surface is dangerous or not?

This can also be the case with stairs or stairwells. Dawn Barrett of Philadelphia's East Falls Neighborhood filed suit against Fishtown's Walking Fish Theatre because she fell and injured herself on an "unsecured stairwell with no railing and a collapsible door," according to The Pennsylvania Record.

Target Will Face a Jury for Baby Vomit Slip and Fall

Judge Gene Pratter released a decision on Monday in a local baby vomit slip and fall case, and the news was not positive for Target.

According to the released court document, Nadyne Timberlake was entering the Target store at 4000 Monument Road when she slipped and fell on a pool of baby puke. Surveillance tape shows Target employees standing near the puke for approximately seven minutes prior to the fall.

Ashley Zauflik Lawyers Fight for $14 Million Verdict on Lost Leg

The jury gave their verdict. They awarded Ashley Zauflik, 22, $14 million dollars after a school bus ran her down and put her into a coma. The accident, when she was 17, cost her a leg, disfigured her, and caused her to struggle with depression. The case should be over, right?

Wrong. The state-mandated cap on damages is only $500,000. This was done in the name of tort reform, as accident victims being paid over a set amount is apparently a bad thing.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit on the Capitol Floor?

The floor of the Capitol building in Harrisburg is so infamous that women bond over the treacherous navigation of the terra-cotta floor tiles.

Polished Moravian tiles blanket 16,000 square feet of the great rotunda of the 106-year-old Capitol building with each slippery tile roughly the size of a baseball card, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. Not only are the tiles slippery, but they're uneven too -- some protruding and others dipping.

Fraudulent Slip And Fall Claims Are On The Rise In Philadelphia

The current state of the American economy has brought a rise in insurance fraud, and studies reveal that more people coming through Las Vegas and other cities such as Philadelphia have attempted to fake "slip-and-fall" accidents to obtain compensation from casinos, hotels, and other commercial properties. In fact, many slip and fall claims are filed against businesses.

According to a report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), such claims against businesses are now being carefully examined for potential fraud. Joe Wehrle, NICB president and chief executive officer said: "While many people have legitimate accidents in stores and businesses across the country, we've seen a growing number of cases that have some indication of potential fraud."

Fatal Train Accident: Personal Injury Scenarios

CBS 3 reports that a man was struck and killed by an Amtrak train in Chester County. As of yet, there does not seem to be any specifics on how the accident occurred or if it was in fact an accident.

There are many different scenarios that could have triggered a tragic incident just like this.