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Brain Injury in Philadelphia

Brain Injuries are common injuries and Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are no strangers to these types of lawsuits. Brain injuries can be caused by many things-- from sporting activities to automobile accidents-- and can result in tearing and swelling of brain tissue or even in permanent paralysis.

There are many underlying causes of action under which brain injuries can be remedied. Some of these causes of action include negligence, product liability and even premises liability. If you, or someone you know, have suffered a brain injury, talk to a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to discuss your potential legal actions.

Recently in Brain Injury Category

Manhattan-Jersey Ferry Crashes, Leaving 2 Critically Injured

A New Jersey ferry crashed into a Manhattan pier on Wednesday, leaving at least 57 people injured, with two people critically hurt, reports New York's WABC-TV.

The victims in critical condition are reported to have head injuries. In addition to the two critically injured, there are nine others who are seriously hurt.

Those on the ferry describe the scene as chaos. One minute, they heard a thud. The next, passengers went flying, some through glass.

How to Prevent Bounce House Lawsuits

If you've had a party for kids, you might have rented an inflatable bounce house. Or maybe you went to one of those places that has a number of bounce houses -- along with rooms to eat your pizza and cake.

While you were choking down that Costco birthday cake, you may not have considered that interestingly, not all of these facilities or rental companies have complex liability waivers or other documents to protect themselves from the inevitable.

It seems like a great business to buy several bounce units and set up a kids' play facility, but what many don't realize is the astronomical liability that comes with dealing with children. Your children.

When Is a Student Athlete's Injury a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

As much as we don’t want summer to be over, it is getting to be that “back to school” time of year. We all saw the commercials during the Olympics that reminded us that the time was drawing near for the children to head back. You might not have even needed the reminder because your kids are already in their preseason camp or, like the Eagles, have already had a preseason game.

But what happens if your child gets injured on the gridiron? You signed the permission form and had the kids get their physicals, but does that stop you from having any recourse from the school? Not necessarily, because there are injuries that could rise to the level of a personal injury lawsuit.

NFL Concussion Suit Steps up Its Game

On June 7th, the NFL concussion suit got just that much bigger, according to FindLaw's Courtside Blog. According to the new complaint filed in the federal court located in Philadelphia, the concussion suit now covers all 80 other suits filed by over 2,000 retired NFL Players, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

To remind readers, the suit is based on the allegation that the NFL wrongly concealed the fact that brain injury would occur after multiple head injuries, writes the Inquirer. The suit follows the suicides of a handful of prominent retired players, such as Junior Seau, and seeks to establish medical monitoring funded by the NFL for retired players.

Junior Seau's Death Adds More Smoke to NFL Suit Fire

They say that correlation does not equal causation. However, at a certain point, when there's enough smoke, when do we begin to worry about putting out the fire?

This blog has been covering the NFL lawsuits extensively. It seems every few months, another tragedy strikes. A former player is diagnosed with ALS and told he only has a few years to live. Another former player commits suicide by shooting himself in the chest.

And now, Junior Seau has done the same.

Bills On Sports-Related Brain Injuries Are Reintroduced in PA

Pennsylvania State Senators Pat Browne and Tim Briggs reintroduced identical legislation that focuses on preventing brain-injured student athletes from returning to a game too soon. The bills also seek to better educate students, coaches, and parents about sports concussions, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"Even a ding or a bump on the head can be serious, and can result in long-term or lifelong disability," Briggs said.

Take Tracy Yatsko, 23. She was a student at Tamaqua Area High School in 2005 and knocked her head against another player during a basketball game. Yatsko felt nauseous, dizzy, and ached after the blow, showing clear signs of a concussion. However, she returned to practice the next day and continued playing until she collapsed in a locker room one day.

Judge Dismisses Suit Against Duquesne U. For Negligence

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that a . Sam Ashaolu, a former basketball player for the university, attempted to sue the school as well as the university's Black Student Union for negligence. While he was attending an on-campus dance, he and four of his other teammates were wounded from gunfire when two men attacked them.

In 2006, the victim was shot twice in the head by William Holmes and Derek Lee. Mr. Holmes and Mr. Lee were accompanied by two women:  Erica Sager and Brittany Jones. Mr. Ashaolu's brain injury was the most severe. ABC 4 News reports that his PA personal injury attorney, Joshua Geist said in 2008 when the lawsuit was filed that, "It'll be a long, hard road for Sam Ashaolu to travel throughout his life. ." In the lawsuit, his PA personal injury attorney claimed that Duquesne University was negligent because they should have had better security.

Student Hit By Principle's SUV

North of Philadelphia, in East Rockhill Township, PA, a high school student was struck by an SUV. The 15-year-old boy was hit when he stepped onto the road.

ABC 6 reports that Dr. Margaret Kantes, "the principle of Pennridge North Middle school," was the one driving the SUV. Kantes stayed with the student after the accident, and "rendered aid" until the paramedics and police arrived.

The boy received serious head injuries from the collision. It is not clear whether it was a brain injury. As of now, his condition is stable.

NJ Youth Dies: Cause Undetermined

In South Brunswick, NJ, a seventeen-year-old boy died at a basketball game. The AP reports that he was on the sidelines of a Crossroads Middle School game when he collapsed. Even though CPR was performed on him and then a defibrillator was used, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

As much as we would like things to make sense, to have someone to blame, as of now, it does not appear that anyone is at fault or that a PA personal injury attorney is needed.

Multiple Attacks Not Always By Multiple Criminals

In one week, Philadelphia has been bombarded with stabbings and gunshot wounds that have sent six men to the hospital (Philadelphia Daily News). While there does not seem to be an immediate connection between all of the crimes, that does not rule out the possibility. 


If there was a connection between some if not all of the attacks, then the victims would be able to hire a PA personal injury attorney and file the suit together. Having the same criminal in a string of similar robberies means that he could be charged for all of them at once. This would make the process a lot faster and save on court costs for the plaintiffs.